6 Month Package – Online Personal Training



Perfect for those completely new to fitness that are needing guidance and direction, as well as for those who are confident in their understanding and execution of various training modalities pertaining to form, control, and effort.


   Free fitness consultation (15-minutes) – In person/Phone/Zoom.


  Individualized workout program designed for your needs and goals. Updated every 4-weeks to ensure adequate progressions and continued results.


  Open communication with the coach allowing for constant customization and support. Weekly check-ins (audio/video) included to aid in adherence, accountability, comprehension, and success in your goals!


  Includes macro-nutrient breakdown, caloric needs for adding/losing/maintaining weight, and a weekly meal plan aimed to help you accomplish your goals. All meal plans have been designed by registered dietitians and nutritionists.


  Freedom to train whenever, and wherever, you want.

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