Ray’s Story

Growing up as a soccer player, Ray is no stranger to conditioning drills and competition; however, weight management was never his strong suit. Struggling with fluctuating weight changes and an eventual accumulation of 30 additional pounds at the age of 20, he found himself desiring to turn things around. Over the course of the next four months, Ray pushed himself to lose a total of 60 pounds through extensive running and extreme calorie cutting (less than 1,000 per day). Losing a great deal of fat, and sacrificing a considerable amount of muscle mass, he had realized that the way he had gone about weight and fat loss was flawed and unsustainable. From that point, Ray has devoted his time and energy to educating himself on the human body, the impact of various training techniques on hypertrophy, athletic performance and strength, mental awareness practices, and nutrition science and principles.


Through his years of experience working as a high school strength coach, personal trainer, and physical therapy aid, Ray has had the opportunity to work with individuals aged 14-87, all possessing dramatically different levels of fitness. “Everybody may have a similar goal starting out, whether that be weight/fat loss, return to daily functional living, improving strength, etc., but without the proper guidance and accountability, a large proportion of those people just quit. My goal is to coach, guide, and educate YOU, while working through every hurdle that gets in your way”!

Favorite Quote

“Someday isn’t a day of the week.”

– Jeff Cavaliere

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